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InnoVEX-Netherlands Pavilion


Netherlands Pavilion

  • Online Date: 2020/08/24
  • Modify Date: 2020/11/05

Netherlands Pavilion


Co-create to innovate!

Welcome to the Netherlands. A nation of free thinkers and problem solvers. Pragmatic and passionate. Join us to develop the big ideas that change the world, and the small innovations that make daily life better. 

In the Netherlands, we believe that startups are the driving force behind the technological revolution and the transition to a new, greener economy. We bring together people, knowledge and technology.  A well connected ecosystem has made it possible for various unicorns to thrive both in the Netherlands and internationally. Companies such as WeTransfer, Adyen, Mendix and are products of a conducive digital climate and entrepreneurial mindset.

Together, we create value through innovation. Discover our stories.

Meet the pioneers who want to work by your side.

Startup Lineup