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InnoVEX is a feature exhibit of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, one of the global leading ICT, IoT & Startups trade shows. InnoVEX 2017 attracted 272 startups from 23 countries to display top innovations. A variety of activities including a series of forums, pitch contest, demos, matchmaking, and after parties were held throughout the 3-day event.


Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 3
No. 6, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District,Taipei City, 110


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2018 Jun 10

COMPUTEX 2018 Ends with Great Success

COMPUTEX 2018 concluded in great success today, as the five-day event attracted 42,284 international visitors from 168 countries, up almost 1% from last year. According to TAITRA, the top 10 countries or regions with the highest turnout, in order, are: the USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, S. Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, India, Philippines. COMPUTEX 2018 featured six themes, including “AI”, “5G”, “Blockchain”, “IoT”, “Innovations & Startups”, and “Gaming & VR”. Through a series of exhibitions, forums and procurement meetings, the event connected industry value chains by providing technology companies and startups the best platform for promotion and interaction. Moreover, InnoVEX attracted 17,687 visitors in a short 3-day period, an increase of over 18% from last year.As AI technology matures and IoT applications proliferate, two technologies converge and become the rapidly emerging AIoT, and COMPUTEX 2018 responded to this trend. In addition to servers designed for AI computing and big data storage, Gigabyte leveraged software resources of its partners and rolled out a hybrid cloud for AI and data analytics, carrying out the company’s AIoT roadmap into practice. Compal introduced an all-round solution that combines professional advanced design and cloud computing. The company also demonstrated various product lines for smart homes and smart healthcare, offering users a brand new sensory experience that is more personalized. VIVOTEK’s next-generation smart camera with image analysis capabilities and built-in deep learning algorithms can generate added value for the retail sectors, as it can accurately calculate the number of people and the length of time they stay in a shop.At the COMPUTEX Forum, leading companies shared the latest trends and insights on AIoT as technology propels the global technology industry into a smarter future. Deepu Talla, Vice President and General Manager of Autonomous Machines at NVIDIA, said as AI is adopted in more scenarios, GPU is not just about speeding up supercomputers, but it can also be used in the development of AI to make big changes in the technology industry. In particular, NVIDIA sees great potential for GPU in the manufacturing market. Allan Yang, Chief Technology Officer at Advantech, said since the manufacturing sectors account for an average 30% of GDP in most countries, introducing IoT or AI into smart factories or other smart manufacturing scenarios will increase the world’s overall output value.Exciting visions of smart living were everywhere at InnoVEX this year, as one third of the event’s 388 startup exhibitors from 21 countries demonstrated AI-related technologies or applications. And in response to the rise of “girl power”, the InnoVEX Forum added the theme of “women entrepreneurship” for the first time this year. Adriana Gascoigne, Founder & CEO of Girls in Tech— the world’s first non-profit organization that focuses on millennial women’s roles in technology and as business founders— spoke at the forum and shared her decade-long experience in the technology industry. She said gender diversity at workplace can help teams or companies create better products and services. As only 25% of the workers in the U.S. technology industry are women, she hoped to introduce different resources to support women entrepreneurs in the technology industry, and at the same time increase diversity and possibilities for the industry.To incubate unicorn companies of world-class caliber and the industry’s next new stars, COMPUTEX 2018 teamed up with private companies and the government to raise a prize pool of US$350,000 for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest. This year’s grand prize was awarded to Bioinspira. “Since 1981, COMPUTEX has been an important platform of business matchmaking, brand awareness building and product marketing for companies in Taiwan and abroad. A top-choice for companies to launch epoch-making products, the event continues to lead industry trends as it seeks to build a broader global technology ecosystem. This year, 1,602 exhibitors from 30 countries showcase a total of 5,015 booths. When the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2 is open next year, the scale of this event will be able to increase to accommodate more companies to show the world their best. It will bring more innovative momentum to COMPUTEX as we join companies around the world to demonstrate technology power to disrupt businesses and reinvent lifestyles,” said Ms. Leonor Lin, TAITRA Executive Vice President.

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2018 Jun 04

COMPUTEX 2018 Leads the Global Technology Trends to Build Global Technology Ecosystems

COMPUTEX 2018 will kick off tomorrow, June 5th. Today, a COMPUTEX 2018 International Press Conference was held unveiling the highlights and features of the upcoming 5-day exhibition and the winners of this year’s COMPUTEX d&i awards. COMPUTEX 2018 will gather a total of 1,602 exhibitors from 30 countries, using 5,015 booths, while InnoVEX just achieved a record-breaking number of 388 startups from 21 countries participating, demonstrating COMPUTEX’s technical capacity to build global technology ecosystems with global partners.Innovative thinking is critical for enterprises to break free from constraints and expedite transformation. COMPUTEX d&i awards, in its 11th years, added 3 specialty awards in the categories of “IoT”, “Startups”, and “Applications & Solutions”. Among a total of 212 applications from 10 countries, 5 key criteria, including “Innovation and Elaboration”, “Functionality”, “Aesthetics”, “Responsibility” and “Positioning” were used to select 60 ground-breaking innovations. In particular, the “Systems + Mobile Communication” category garnered the most awards, including the following ten exceptional, innovative companies, namely BLEUJOUR, WINCOMM, Acer, Senor Tech, ASUS, ZOTAC, MSI, Cincoze, Dell and Lenovo. All of the awarded products will be on display during COMPUTEX 2018 on the 4F Light Gallery of Nangang Exhibition Center. They will also go on a display tour to major ICT exhibitions around the world, in the hope to encourage corporations to integrate applications across different fields and demonstrate their technology innovation capacities around the world.As a benchmark for global B2B professional technology exhibition, COMPUTEX continues to evolve with time. This year, hottest topics, including “5G” and “Blockchain”, as well as “AI”, “IoT”, “Innovations & Startups”, and “Gaming & VR” continue to be the focus. COMPUTEX 2018 utilizes 4 major exhibition venues, including TWTC Exhibition Hall 1, TWTC Exhibition Hall 3, Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 and TICC to construct a diverse exchange platform for showcasing. In particular, two major international gaming competitions have joined the forces, “Cooler Master Overclocking” and “ZOTAC CUP MASTERS” are present to bring together top gamers. The gaming competitions are expected to be another highlight of COMPUTEX, instilling passion and boundless energy to this gathering.Moreover, the forums held during COMPUTEX always lead the latest technology trends where the attendees can also interact directly with heavyweight industry leaders from Taiwan and abroad to foster new thinking. COMPUTEX Forum has invited Amazon, ARM, Gartner, Intel, Advantech, NVIDIA, NXP as well as first-time participants, Google, Microsoft, Lite-On Technology Corp., and other technology giants to discuss 3 major themes, namely “AI Session”, “Future Trends”, and “IoT Session”. They will share industry trends and the vision of the future technology ecosystems. InnoVEX Forum, on the other hand, invited Bitmark, KKFARM, Health2Sync to share Blockchain technology trends and industrial applications via a panel discussion. In light of the rise of women power, the Founder of Girls in Tech will personally share her experience as a female startup entrepreneur.“Since its inception, COMPUTEX has continued to grow and expand in scale, and it has also accompanied the growth of the ICT industry every step of the way. This year, we have added two brand new elements, Blockchain and 5G, to display the latest trends to encourage more creative thinking and to assist global technology partners in planning their future markets strategically.” said Mr. Walter Yeh, TAITRA President & CEO.This year, COMPUTEX will be held from June 5th to 9th (InnoVEX, the Innovations and Startups exhibit, will be held from June 6th to 8th). COMPUTEX seeks to provide a strong foundation based on cross-industry integration services to create a new look for future life.

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Taipei World trade Center, Exhibition Hall 3 No. 6, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110

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